Culture at WDT

WavoDyne Therapeutics is operating as a semi-virtual company with a core office close to the campus of the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, N.Y. WavoDyne is a private company incorporated in the State of Delaware. Our product development activities are evenly split between preclinical and clinical activities. Through our 3rd party collaborations, the Company has the ability to progress drug candidates from “hit-to-lead”, through an extensive battery of preclinical lead optimization studies, and subsequently through the pre-IND enabling studies required to move the candidate into the clinical arena.

Positions Available

Current available positions: (click position title for more details)

We are also actively recruiting for leaders in the following positions:

  • Manager – Business Development
  • Director - Project Management
  • Director – Regulatory Affairs
  • Vice President – Clinical Product Development
  • Manager – Market Development

The operating environment in WavoDyne Therapeutics is ideal for self-starters who love a challenge. The Company’s “mindset” is very entrepreneurial with an emphasis on gathering solid analytics for input to generate good decision-making. The Company’s product development objectives are targeting 2 therapeutic applications, POCD and HAND, which are novel and virtually undeveloped in the pharmaceutical market.

We encourage professionals interested in a challenge, and interested in diversifying their skills sets through the TEAM environment in which we operate - to explore possible employment opportunities with WavoDyne Therapeutics.

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